COSCO cargo ship
Mexico Imposes New Import Duties on Chinese Goods, Likely With Pressure from the U.S.

On March 15, Mexico announced it was imposing provisional duties on cheap Chinese nails, after already adding tariffs on imported steel grinding balls. It’s just the beginning.

Japan, UNDP to Collaborate To Advance Climate Smart Agriculture And Build Resilient Communities In Jajarkot

Two types of polyhouses – a naturally ventilated and a nursery polyhouse with misting – were inaugurated by the Government of Japan and the United Nations Development Programme, in Ward 7 of Nalgad Municipality, Karnali Province. This area was among those affected by the earthquake in November 2023.

Vlad the Putin
Vladimir Putin Wins Another 6-Year Term by a Landslide

The current President of the Russian Federation will stay in charge until at least 2030.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addresses the world from his War Cabinet on March 17 2024.
Netanyahu Rejects Ceasefire - The Genocide Continues

Hamas agreed this weekend to drop key parts of its short-term ceasefire requirements, but Netanyahu not budging on his demands makes a pause in fighting seem impossible for now.

The Government Of Lao PDR And UNICEF Partner on Child Development and Health

Ministry of Planning and Investment on behalf of The Government of Lao PDR and UNICEF convened in Vientiane this week to assess progress and align future strategies to address emerging challenges for children in Lao PDR. This critical gathering marked the beginning of the Mid-Term Review of the UNICEF Lao PDR Country Program, set against the backdrop of various global challenges and upcoming opportunities for children.

Army Hotel Manager Pleads Guilty To Conspiracy To Steal Government Property And Commit Bribery

A U.S. citizen who served as U.S. Army hotel manager in South Korea pleaded guilty yesterday to a conspiracy involving the theft of government property and influencing the award of hotel contracts in exchange for bribes from a South Korean company.

Bloody food supplies after Israeli helicopter attack on March 14.
Zionists Slaughter More Palestinians Drawn to Food and Water

Sadistic Zionist killers just carried out what may turn out to be its second bloodiest slaughter yet of innocent civilians over the crime of simply trying to survive.

A Russian Orion class military drone.
Russia Goes All-In on Drone Weapons

Russia recently opened the newest of a series of dedicated spaces to accelerate the advanced development of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and other drones.

Open Arms humanitarian aid ship from Spain.
First Humanitarian Aid Ship Nears Gaza

The big question about the new food and medical supply vessels nearing Gaza by sea is whether enough will ever get to those most in need, and before far more die.

IFC’s Landmark Investment to Ramp Up Sustainable Finance in Indonesia, Boost Resilience

Through a $200 million loan to PT Bank Shinhan Indonesia (BSI)—a corporate and retail finance bank in the country—IFC aims to boost sustainable financing while supporting the nation's climate goals, including a first of its kind blue finance component.

Tongass National Forest
China Publishes Report Analyzing Financial Impacts after Funding Large-Scale "Green" Projects

Trade-offs and synergies between ecosystem services constitutes an important topic in ecosystem management. The value of each service is substantially influenced by human activities, and changes will affect human decisions. Given the variability in trade-offs and synergies, the simultaneous optimization of multiple ecosystem services presents a considerable challenge.

Army Tactical Missile System  --  ATACMS,
The White House War Profiteers Are Illegally Sending the Ukrainian Mafia Another $300M

Team Biden found a way to piece together $300M to spend on Ukraine munitions that Congress never approved for that purpose.

Japan’s Declining Gas Demand Will Leave Utilities With Persistent LNG Oversupply Through 2030

Once the largest global importer of liquefied natural gas (LNG), Japan’s demand for the fuel has fallen rapidly in recent years. As a result, the country’s gas and power utilities face a surplus of LNG purchase commitments and are increasingly focused on marketing and selling the fuel abroad, according to a new report from the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA).

Jaecoo 7 SUV.
Chinese Automakers Set Up Shop in Mexico to Bypass Trade Barriers into North America

Two of China’s most successful auto manufacturers announced they will build new manufacturing facilities in Mexico, to take advantage of the low tariffs for shipment into the United States and Canada.

Netanyahu addresses Israel nation on March 11, 2024.
Fascist Israel Readies Ground Invasion of Rafah on Slightly Delayed Timeline

War criminal Netanyahu dismissed last-minute PR pleas from Team-Biden to back down from launching its ground invasion of Rafah.

India's Water Problems Set To Get Worse As The World Warms

Winter storms that provide crucial snow and rainfall to northern India are arriving significantly later in the year compared to 70 years ago, a new study has found, exacerbating the risk of catastrophic flooding while also reducing vital water supplies for millions of Indians.

2024 State of the Union
State of the Union 2024: Biden Announces Temporary Aid Port for Gaza

Last night dementia-ridden Joe Biden babbled something about the U.S. building a Mediterranean docking area offshore of Gaza to allow more humanitarian aid to enter, among other things.

Israeli F-16I Fighter Jet with BLU-109 forged steel point tip and a BLU109 JDAM Bunker Buster Penetration Bomb
Biden Concealed Over 100 Illegal Arms Shipments to Fascist Israel

An accounting fraud enabled the White House to transfer massive amounts of munitions to support Israel’s genocide, without notifying Congress.

With Ramadan Just Days Away, Gaza Ceasefire Talks Stall Again

Fascist Israel is already blaming Hamas for rejecting a mostly one-sided short-term ceasefire deal in Gaza.

ITFC Signs Multiple Agreements with Uzbekistan Totaling US$715 Million

The International Islamic Trade Finance Corporation (ITFC) (, a member of the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) Group, has signed several agreements with Uzbekistan, amounting to US$ 715 million, on the sidelines of the Arab Coordination Group meeting, which was held from 4th to 5th March 2024 in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.


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