Chabahar deepwater port India-Iran development agreement press conference on May 13, 2024.
U.S. Threatens Sanctions Against India After Signing Port Development Deal with Iran

Less than a day after India announced a ten-year contract to partner with Iran on its new deepwater port, the U.S. was already warning it may impose sanctions for the action.

mercury-containing medical devices
$134-Million Initiative Aims to Eliminate Mercury-Containing Medical Devices

The Governments of Albania, Burkina Faso, India, Montenegro and Uganda have united to combat chemical pollution today, launching a $134-million project to eliminate the use of mercury in medical devices.

Aerial view of just part of the devastating flooding in the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul in May 2024.
BRICS’ Multilateral Bank Commits Over U.S. $1B to Rebuild Flood-Devastated Brazilian State

The geopolitical and economic alliance BRICS just voted to provide $1.15 billion in reconstruction aid to the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul.

Travel & Tourism Set to Add a Record QAR 81BN to Qatar’s Economy

The World Travel & Tourism Council’s (WTTC) 2024 Economic Impact Research (EIR) has revealed the Qatari Travel & Tourism sector reached new heights last year, with GDP contribution, jobs and domestic traveller spend all surpassing previous peaks.

United States trade dispute with China
U.S. Quadruples Tariffs to 100% on Imported Chinese Electric Vehicles

The White House just announced a sweeping array of new protectionist tariffs on Chinese-made electric vehicles, batteries, solar cells and more.

Palestinians pack up minimum goods to survive after being ordered to leave Rafah.
Families Flee in Terror as Fascist Israel Orders Mass Exodus from Rafah

This weekend the Israeli Defense Forces ordered another million innocent Palestinians to exit central and eastern Rafah.

Charging Stations
European Made Batteries Could Be 60% Less Carbon Intensive Than Chinese – Analysis

Onshoring the EV supply chain to Europe would cut the emissions of producing a battery by 37% compared to a China-controlled supply chain, according to new analysis by Transport & Environment (T&E).

Palestinian Ambassador to the UN Riyad Mansour.
UN Votes to Support Palestine’s Entry for Full Membership

By an overwhelming majority of 143 to 9, the United Nations General Assembly just approved a measure granting more rights to Palestine and a renewed request for full membership.

Competition & Disruption Set to Intensify as Middle East Aviation Enters Next Wave of Transformation

The next wave of rapid transformation may see some aviation markets triple in size in the next decade according to data from OAG in its latest industry report ‘Middle East Aviation: Transformation, Growth and Future Challenges’ but there are still new challenges ahead.

Hostinger web servicesHo
U.S. Squeezes International Web Services Provider Hostinger Over Sanctions Against 7 Countries

The United States gave the order this week to block Lithuania-based Hostinger from supporting internet services accounts in seven nations America has on a sanctions list.

ADB, Citi Sign Agreement to Support SMEs and Boost Trade Through Supply Chain Financing

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) and Citi have partnered to sign a master risk participation agreement to enhance access to supply chain financing for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and support more than $100 million in additional annual trade across Asia and the Pacific.

Israeli tank in Gaza.
Israel Rejects Ceasefire Deal Reached with Mediators and Hamas

A landmark ceasefire plan proposed by Egyptian and Qatari mediators was approved by Hamas on May 6, only to have Israel reject it the next day.

IFC Provides $30M To M Bank To Increase Digital Lending In Mongolia

To expand digital lending for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Mongolia, including women-owned businesses, IFC and M bank, Mongolia's first digitally focused bank with a branchless model, joined forces to launch an innovative program in Ulaanbaatar.

Philippine forces in wargames with U.S. simulating defending against a Chinese attack.
Philippines Becomes Pawn in U.S. Strategy to Push China Out of Disputed China Sea

This week’s Philippines’ joint military exercises with the U.S. simulating a possible Chinese ground invasion are just one of many ways the Southeast Asian nation is bowing to Washington’s will in a high-stakes conflict.

New Guidelines Launched To Protect Children And Pregnant Women From Heat Stress In Bangladesh

As the country reels from a suffocating heatwave, Directorate General of Health Services, with UNICEF support, launch guidelines to respond to heat-related risks such as preterm birth and severe heat stress in young children.

Republic of Korea Commits $2 Billion in Cofinancing with ADB

The Republic of Korea recently signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Asian Development Bank (ADB) earmarking $2 billion in cofinancing for ADB sovereign operations over the next 3 years.

Climate Adaptation Efforts
Forest Foundation Philippines, Canada Drive Climate Adaptation Efforts

The Philippines and Canada recently unveiled a new climate change adaptation program that leverages nature to minimise climate impacts.

Rafah bombing on May 5, 2024.
Zionists Order First 100,000 Palestinians to Flee Rafah or Face Slaughter

Israel's final genocide of the Palestinian people in Gaza is about to begin.

Countries Resolve To Leverage Innovation, Promote Digital Inclusion For Those Furthest Behind

Governments from across Asia and the Pacific agreed recently to harness technological advancements and digital innovation for sustainable development, with special attention to the region’s most vulnerable countries and population groups.

Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan of Türkiye
Türkiye Shuts Down All Trade With Israel Over Gaza Humanitarian Aid Restrictions

Effective immediately, Türkiye is blockading all ports of access for any trade with Israel. It could immediately threaten Israel’s construction industry.


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