Zionists Order First 100,000 Palestinians to Flee Rafah or Face Slaughter

ON 05/06/2024 AT 01 : 05 AM

Israel's final genocide of the Palestinian people in Gaza is about to begin.
Rafah bombing on May 5, 2024.
Even as Israel is telling the U.S. it intends to take steps to protect the residents and citizens of Rafah before it begins its bloody invasion expected later this month, the country's military forces continue their endless airstrikes across the city, without any regard for the protect of innocents. MissFalasteenia, via X

At roughly 9 AM Israel time on May 6, Israeli army spokesperson Lt. Col. Nadav Shoshani announced to the world what most world leaders and humanitarian agencies had dreaded now for months.

He said the first 100,000 Palestinians had just been ordered to evacuate eastern Rafah effective immediately. They were notified via radio and television emergency broadcasts and in leaflets dropped from the sky in the early morning hours.

The Israeli military order directs those affected to make their way to al-Mawasi, an enclave located along the rocky southern Gaza coast which fascist Israel has already bulldozed and set up with an emergency tent city where the evacuees will be forced to stay until relocated out of their homeland, Palestine.

Shoshani told the press the tent city was already outfitted with hospitals, water, and food, to accommodate the 100,000 prisoners.

He also said this was just a “limited scope operation”. He would not comment on the obvious, that this is almost certainly the beginning of the end of Gaza and all those who used to call it home.

Lt. Col. Shoshani’s announcement came just days after Israeli Defense Forces officials secretly provided summary materials on its plan to force about 1.5 million Palestinians out of Rafah, to the highest levels in the U.S. government and to at least 10 to humanitarian aid agencies which had been assisting in Gaza. The purpose had nothing to do with securing consent for the plans. It was instead to let everyone know the clock is now ticking for the last Palestinian stronghold standing in Gaza to be blown up and anyone unauthorized left there to be murdered.

That the information had been shared was revealed via leaks from key officials in the administration of dementia-ridden Joe Biden, even as is becoming increasingly apparent the U.S. government has any influence over Israel as the mass genocide continues. Those officials shared maps and other details of the plan to multiple media outlets on the condition of anonymity.

The plan calls for those living in and around Rafah to relocate to an expanded version of a massive concentration camp under construction in al-Malasi just outside of Khan Younis. Al-Mawasi is a Palestinian Bedouin settlement adjacent to Khan Younis but closer to the coast. The legal boundaries of the town are about 1 kilometer wide by 14 kilometers long, or 0.62 miles by 8.7 miles in size.

Al-Mawasi is a little over 30 kilometers (almost 20 miles) driving distance from Rafah.

The leaked information says the majority of those in Rafah will be moved to al-Mawasi once the last tents have arrived, the tent city is city up, and troops are in place to support it. Israel does not appear to be waiting for humanitarian aid agencies to relocate their services but has told them of the plans and is allocating space in al-Mawasi for their services. It fully expects the international community to feed and care for the surviving Palestinians while paying for the genocide. 

It is unclear by what routes or with what vehicles the aid will be arriving to supply those services, nor what obligations Israel will be taking on for the safety of the aid workers. It is also expected basic services for the Palestinians forced out of Rafah and to al-Mawasi will be minimal, at best. That includes such fundamentals as availability of fresh water, ability for individuals to wash and to clean their clothing, and basic sanitary services such as toilets. If the situation is like what happened when Israel forced Palestinians first out of northern Gaza and then out of central Gaza, most people will remain barely on survival mode when they are moved into the concentration camp.

It is also unclear how the first 100,000 Palestinians will make their way out of eastern Rafah, should they choose to honor the Israeli army edict which was just issued for the initial “limited operation”

Considering that al-Mawasi is currently the home to just a few thousand people according to available statistical data, and that Israel has not even by its own admission been reconstructing infrastructure anywhere in Gaza, the only sort of core services those stuck in the tents will receive will be ones which are physically carried in and brought out of the tent village. That covers human waste, spoiled food, and water going both directions.

There are no permanent plans for how to take care of these people in any other way once they have arrived. There are also no plans to construct permanent replacement housing, reestablish schools, hospitals, and places to work, since Israel has made it clear it plans to obliterate most of what is left in Rafah once it begins that part of the war.

Al-Mawasi will be to all intents and purposes a genuine open-air prison, with no facilities other than to retain them in place and slow the rate at which they might give up and die. Although it has not been officially declared so by Zionist Israel, those placed at al-Mawasi will be prevented from leaving the tent city for an indefinite period.

If Israel remains on its most recent timetable for the Rafah invasion, it expects to finish on-the-ground preparations including setting up the encampments by mid-May. It will then immediately begin drawing Palestinians forcibly out of their homes in Rafah and moving them to the new tent areas. Israel believes that process will take about a month.

The move will include some 280,000 locals who already consider Rafah their home and around 1.3 million Palestinians who fled to Rafah after Israel destroyed their homes elsewhere. 

During the setup zionists will continue their shelling and airstrikes on Rafah. Once the forced movement of people is concluded, a two-stage final destruction of the city and murder of those who chose to stay behind will commence, despite warnings and Israel’s claim that it was offering shelter along the coast. Jewish forces are expected to begin attacking Rafah with the most devastating and concentrated airstrikes yet as a first step. It will then bulldoze out passages for its troops to enter the city in force, with highly ruggedized tanks and other vehicles, anti-aircraft munitions protections, followed by building-by-building heavily armed ground raids which Israel claims will root out any remaining members of Hamas that they claim are hiding there in large numbers. 

In response to this latest news about the plan, those in high places in Washington have been guarded about their responses while continued to serve Israel.

The first came from National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby in the middle of last week. He told reporters that so far they had not received any indication of a plan which ensure the safety of the people in Rafah.

Cartoonish U.S. Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre evaded direct questions about the Rafah plan in one of her regular news briefings on May 3.

"We believe that the Israeli government is going to take our concerns into account. But we have not seen a plan, comprehensive plan, and we want to make sure that those conversations continue because it is important to protect those Palestinian lives, those innocent lives, those more than a million citizens who are seeking refuge in that part of Gaza in Rafah," she said.

She did acknowledge that puppet Biden and others have had several conversations about Rafah with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in recent days, implying that the talks were to press Israel for proof that it would do more than just drag the Palestinians from their homes in Rafah but without divulging any of the content.

She said that the administration had made it “clear” through multiple channels that it was worried about “any major military operations” of the Israeli Defense Forces in Rafah.

Based on another comment she made during the same session, it also seems the communications with Netanyahu are growing more strained and could be breaking down, despite that the U.S. continues to be the only country in the world providing endless billions of dollars for military aid for Israel along with a posture of close to 100% support for most of what Israel has already done to Palestinians in Gaza since October 7.

“We want to make sure that those conversations continue because it is important to protect those Palestinian lives — those innocent lives,” Jean-Pierre told the reporters.

She did not mention that Washington continues to wholeheartedly support the genocide and the politician's obedience to their zionist masters are their only real concern. 

Secretary of State Antony Blinken, spoke to reporters late on May 3 about the Rafah situation while attending the Sedona Forum in Arizona. The Forum is an event hosted by the McCain Institute to discuss geopolitical and domestic policy issues.

Blinken told the press at his gathering that the U.S. had still not received a “credible” plan for what to do about the 1.5 million people to be moved out of Rafah. He also took a stronger tone than Jean-Pierre did about the serious need for such a plan, but the implied threats he was issuing towards Israel if the U.S. did not agree on the final plan seemed idle at best.

“Absent such a plan, we can’t support a major military operation going into Rafah because the damage it would do is beyond what’s acceptable,” he said. Yet, Washington is indeed supporting whatever Israel does. 

In Israel, Netanyahu is facing more pressure from the ultra-right flank of Ministers whose alignment with his more center-right Likud party remains pivotal to the prime minister keeping his job. They are demanding Netanyahu proceed at all costs into Rafah as a condition of continuing their support.

The citizens of Israel are providing additional pressure, with protests still erupting sporadically saying that Netanyahu is not doing enough to secure the return of the remaining Israeli hostages held by Hamas in Gaza. 

Netanyahu continues to stand firm on his position that Israel will launch their final attack on Rafah “with or without a deal — in order to achieve the total victory.” The criminally insane monster is too deranged to realize that even if they kill every last Palestinian the resistance to zionism cannot be extinguished and justice will eventually come for them all.

Although talks for a ceasefire continue in Qatar now with Hamas present but without Israeli representation, both Israel and Hamas have not changed anything of substance in their offers. Hamas continues to say there can be no release of its Israeli prisoners without both a ceasefire and a real plan for an end to the war. That “end of the war” plan must include, its representatives say, the complete withdrawal of Israeli forces from Gaza.

Netanyahu’s latest response to that was unchanged from his previous positions, as he continued to show no interest in reason. 

Expect chaos and terror as a minimum in Rafah as it sinks in just what this first operation means.

Outside of Rafah, this could cause Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran, Yemen, and other forces most directly supporting the Palestinians to gear up for whatever their last-ditch plans are to stand up to Israel.

In the United States, most of the politicians in Washington are expected to continue to support the genocide while trying to evade responsibility for it.