Israel Bombs Iranian Embassy in Syria, Killing Two Generals

ON 04/02/2024 AT 06 : 16 AM

After its latest waves of attacks, Israel appears set to provoke an all-out war with Iran.
Iranian consulate ruins after Israeli Defense Forces bombed it on April 1, 2024.
The Iranian consulate in Damascus was completely destroyed during Israeli Defense Forces air strikes on April 1, 2024, which also killed two senior generals and other Iranian officials. Dr. Momina Mughal, via the social media account X

Israeli Defense Forces escalated their aerial assaults in Syria yesterday by bombing the Iranian consulate outside Damascus.

According to Iranian officials, the attacks targeted a diplomatic mission group meeting in a building just outside Iran’s main consulate in Syria. Among those killed in the shelling were Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corp (IRGC) Brigadier Gen Mohammad Reza Zahedi; Gen Haji Rahimi, Zahedi’s second-in-command. Also reported among those dead from the attack were Brig Gen Hossein Amirollah, the head of Iran’s al-Quds forces based in Syria and Lebanon.

Based on information gathered from the scene by the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a total of 11 people were killed by the zionist terrorist attack.

Hossein Akbari, Iran’s ambassador to Syria, said in a televised interview after the attacks that the Israeli strike was carried out using U.S.-supplied F-35 jets. He also described the dead as including five officers in addition to the generals noted.

In addition to those killed, ground reports say the attacks also ended up demolishing the Iranian consulate immediately adjacent to the individuals apparently targeted in the air raid.

The assassinations of the three most senior Iranian military leaders represents a significant blow for the country. The death of Brig General Hossein Amirollah is of special concern to Iran, since as the ranking officer for the al-Quds Force he was responsible for coordination with the resistance outside of Iran. Those include both Hezbollah and Hamas, two key players involved in various ways with Israel’s genocidal war against the Palestinians in Gaza, as well as Yemen and its Houthi forces, which are responsible for the de facto blockade of cargo ships via aerial missile and drone attacks in the Red Sea. The al-Quds forces also are networked with the Palestinian Islamic Jihad and Shia militias which operate more broadly in the countries of Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan.

The head of al-Quds also has substantial influence on foreign intelligence and military priorities for Iran. This is because al-Quds reports directly to Ayatollah Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of Iran.

Iran has already moved to replace those the IDF killed on the consulate grounds just outside of Damascus yesterday, but the shakeup in leadership will at least leave a communications gap if not also one tied to consistency in managing strategies regarding Israel, Syria, and elsewhere in the Middle East.

Yesterday’s deadly attack happened just three days after another even more bloody set of aerial assaults run on March 29 by fascist Israel near Aleppo, a major city located in northern Syria. Like the one yesterday, this one was clearly aimed at specific individuals and forces Israel was interested in murdering. Those who died in the attacks included at least four – and possibly up to seven -- members of Hezbollah, dozens of Syria soldiers, and an uncounted number of civilians, based on comments from several Hezbollah spokespeople shortly after the Zionist forces had left and bodies could be accounted for.

A separate report from international news services operating in the region had the total death toll from the March 29 attack as 38. Based on this and the other reports, this makes those air raids among the deadliest yet by any zionist attacks in Syrian territory since October 7.

Since the current phase of the war by Israel on Hamas and the Palestinian people began in October, Israel has stepped up the number and lethality of its cross-border attacks in Lebanon and Syria. Some of the attacks have no apparent military purpose and specifically target civilians. Prior to the ones yesterday and last Friday, one of the most serious happened when in January zionist forces ran a series of strikes on the Syrian capital of Damascus. 

On the same day as the Israeli Defense Forces strikes near Aleppo were going on, Israeli forces were also shelling southern Lebanon intensely, where Hezbollah has stationed some of its military leadership. Besides the now common rocket attacks which cross the border from Israel into Lebanon and back again, this time Lebanon’s National News Agency reported a drone which was presumed sent by Israel had exploded on a car located on the streets of Bazouriye, a small border town on the Lebanon side.

In a rare admission of what it had done, fascist Israeli government spokespersons claim those additional March 29 attacks had killed the deputy to the head of Hezbollah’s rocket and missile unit. Hezbollah did confirm the death of this individual, Ali Abdel-Hassan Naim, died on Friday but did not confirm the death related to this particular raid.

The back-and-forth rocket attacks, sniper fire, and other munitions shot by Hezbollah forces in Lebanon aimed at northern Israel and going the other direction have also increased dramatically since October 7, so much so that both countries have evacuated their citizens from the regions on either side of the joint border.

In response to the murders yesterday of the three generals and other personnel outside Damascus, Syrian and Iranian spokespeople quickly named Israel as the responsible party, and Iran vowed revenge for those Israel’s forces had killed.

Faisal Mekdad, Syria’s Foreign Minister lashed out at Israel for “this heinous terrorist attack” which he said had killed “a number of innocent people”.

Syria’s Defense Ministry confirmed that what Israel had done was far beyond anything carried out in recent times on Syrian soil, with a full assessment of the damage caused and total numbers the zionists had killed still to be determined.

“The attack destroyed the entire building, killing and injuring everyone inside, and work is underway to recover the bodies and rescue the wounded from under the rubble,” the ministry said in a formal statement released late yesterday.

Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian said, as he met with Syrian Foreign Minister Mekdad to discuss the attacks that his country considered the Israeli “aggression to have violated all diplomatic norms and international treaties”.

He then pointed to Israel’s psychopathic Prime Minister Netanyahu as ultimately responsible for the brutality of the airstrikes, while also questioning Netanyahu’s sanity as he watches global support for his agenda collapse around him.

“Benjamin Netanyahu has completely lost his mental balance due to the successive failures in Gaza and his failure to achieve his zionist goals,” Amirabdollahian explained.

Hossein Akbari, Iran’s ambassador to Syria, condemned what Israel had done in a strong public rebuke during a televised interview yesterday.

“Definitely the zionist regime knows better than anyone such crimes and violations of international law will have a response at the appropriate time,” he said.

As to what Iran would do in retaliation, Akrbari promised a response against Israel which he said would be “at the same magnitude and harshness.”

Iran has been meeting with leaders from multiple Arab countries over the last few months, on the broader issue of what it and other nations should consider as Netanyahu and his War Cabinet proceed with the last major phase of their genocidal “ethnic cleansing” of the Palestinian people in Gaza. So far, Tehran has supported military countermeasures against Israel at a distance, via third parties such as Hamas and Hezbollah. With the latest killings of its military leadership and other personnel in Syria and Lebanon over the past ten days, it could be Iran will find itself pushed to the point where it sees no other choice than to strike back militarily on a broader scale, something that Israel seems to desperately want so that it can attack Iran with nuclear weapons and start WW III. 

The broken United Nations Security Council will be discussing the Israeli attack on the Iranian consulate in Damascus on April 2 at 3PM, Eastern Daylight Time. The meeting has been convened at the request of the Russian ambassador to the United Nations. 

Russia’s Foreign Ministry condemned Israel’s murderous assault on the consulate as “absolutely unacceptable”, and called on the government of Israel to end all such “provocative actions”.

China joined in on that condemnation.

“The security of diplomatic institutions cannot be violated, and Syria’s sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity should be respected,” Wang Wenbin, a spokesperson for China’s Foreign Ministry declared. “The current situation in the Middle East is turbulent and we oppose any actions that lead to an escalation of tensions.”

While no one expects the Security Council to pass any resolution condemning Israel for any of its cross-border illegal attacks on foreign nationals and foreign soil, there is some hope that opening the dialogue may keep the fuse that Israel and the United States have lit in the Middle East from triggering a far more explosive multinational war, with insane Israel at the center.