Zionists Slaughter More Palestinians Drawn to Food and Water

ON 03/15/2024 AT 02 : 22 AM

Sadistic Zionist killers just carried out what may turn out to be its second bloodiest slaughter yet of innocent civilians over the crime of simply trying to survive.
Bloody food supplies after Israeli helicopter attack on March 14.
A bag of food supplies innocent civilians had waited in line for in northern Gaza is covered with blood after an Israeli Defense Forces' helicopter strafed thousands of Palestinians with bullets yesterday. Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor, via press release

Like the earlier assault on February 29 when Zionist Israeli forces killed over 112 and wounded over 750 Palestinians simply waiting for food and other supplies to arrive by truck convoy, this one began with a line of innocent civilians waiting in desperation for food to bring home to their families.

Like that one, this also happened in Northern Gaza, which some hundreds of thousands of Gazans still cling to a thin thread of hope that they might survive what Israel still has planned for the final stage of its coming ground march into Gaza and forced relocation of possibly over a million people. The aid seekers were waiting then, just as now, near the Kuwaiti Roundabout in Gaza City.

And also, just like before, the wait for food erupted suddenly into a one-sided battle, with Israel’s troops opening fire on those hoping for food with no justifiable provocation, seemingly with no outcome intended by the soldiers other than premeditated murder on dozens and inflicting terror on the masses.

What was different this time is first about the numbers of those fired upon by the Jews. In the chaos which followed this unconscionable attack, initially it was thought that only 5 people might have been killed and those injured might be “just” in the dozens. After the scene was cleared of soldiers, the dead set aside for burial later and the wounded rushed by trucks and cars mostly to al-Shifa hospital for treatment, the final tallies were far worse. Current numbers are 21 dead and over 155 injured.

The total dead is expected to climb as doctors find they have insufficient supplies and time to help the large number of those who were badly injured in the attacks. There are also insufficient beds left to treat the wounded, after continued shelling in northern Gaza caused extensive damage to the hospital facilities over multiple ground and aerial attacks since October 7. People with shattered bones and organs from Israeli bullets lay mostly on the ground in the hospital, with patchwork bandages often created from unsterile torn clothing just to keep the bleeding down.

“The process of retrieving the martyrs and evacuating the wounded is still continuing despite the difficult field situation at the Kuwait Roundabout,” said the Gaza Health Ministry in a statement. They also noted how serious the injuries were in those who had made it to the hospital for treatment as evidence of how quickly the death toll could go up.

Another difference from the earlier attack is that this time the Israeli spokespeople trotted out after that one are no longer attempting to blame the deaths on panic by the Palestinians in line for their food, despite the obvious insanity of the argument. They are not even claiming the Jewish forces were scared by the large numbers of those desperate to secure even a bag of flour or bottle of water.

It is not known if bodies of the injured were also driven over by Israeli forces this time, but when all information is made available that will also be one of the causes cited for some Palestinians’ deaths.

If all this were not sufficient, what was most terrifying about this new attack on those in line for the aid trucks was that this time Israeli Defense Forces carried out their mass killing for the most part using helicopter gunships to carry out their mission. Multiple sources said the helicopter involved fired countless rounds of ammunition from the sky without warning on an estimated thousands of helpless Palestinians. Reporters from at least one news service said they personally witnessed this. So did others spoken with from the scene by the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor, a nonprofit organization seeking the truth about this and other war crimes in Gaza.

Gaza administration personnel say that at least 400 Palestinians have now died throughout the region to date in similar attacks by Israeli forces. Most of those have happened since the end of February.

In a separate bombing run yesterday which fits the same pattern, IDF troops blew up one of the United Nations Relief Works Agency (UNRWA) warehouses in Rafah. Besides destroying much-needed emergency aid supplies for Palestinians in that part of Gaza, that single air strike killed at least one UNRWA worker and injured another 22.

Israel has repeatedly declared UNRWA as infiltrated with hundreds and possibly thousands of Hamas agents. No proof has been made public showing this to be true and it doesn't really matter what the Israeli government says since it is by now well known to lie always. 

Such attacks appear to be a deliberate move by Israel to increase the level of terror in Gaza, just as has been the increased number of air sorties mostly into southern Gaza at night, when panic after the raids can result in further accidental deaths as people scramble into the darkness to escape the shelling.

The sheer number of such atrocities is also causing a numbing effect in media coverage of such incidents, as Israel’s outrageous and sadistic practices are in danger of becoming normalized, and excused because “this is war” and “such things happen”. And perhaps that it the point of all the criminal insanity that is being tolerated by much of the world. They want humanity to accept its own extermination on a much grander scale. The powerful World Economic Forum has openly called for the culling of the human population down to 1 billion and its evil billionaire members do indeed have the power to carry it out and are wholeheartedly supporting the genocide.