Biden Concealed Over 100 Illegal Arms Shipments to Fascist Israel

ON 03/07/2024 AT 02 : 42 AM

An accounting fraud enabled the White House to transfer massive amounts of munitions to support Israel’s genocide, without notifying Congress.
Israeli F-16I Fighter Jet with BLU-109 forged steel point tip and a BLU109 JDAM Bunker Buster Penetration Bomb
This Israeli F-16I Fighter Jet, manufactured as a customized model for the Israeli Air Force by General Dynamics, is show here equipped with a 2,000 pound U.S.-built BLU-109 forged steel point tip "bunker buster" bomb used to penetrate hardened surfaces before exploding. The U.S. has shipped many BLU-109 "bunker busters" to Israel during the war against the Palestinian people in Gaza. This image was shot in 2018 but the same bombs are still in production and the fighter jets are still in service. Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) Spokesperson's Unit

Representatives of the Biden regime revealed in a classified hearing with members of Congress not long ago that it had authorized and shipped over 100 military equipment and munitions orders to Israel without any public disclosure or congressional oversight.

These shipments reportedly included precision-directed munitions such as guided missiles, small diameter bombs which are compact and include precision guidance mechanisms, “bunker buster” explosives used to break through structures built to withstand smaller blasts, small arms such as rifles and guns, and ammunition.

Under ordinary circumstances, such military shipments to any foreign country would require both an executive order from the White House as well as formal Congressional notification in advance. The White House was able to get away with these arms deliveries without either by first by charging previously authorized foreign aid accounts for Israel and some special exemptions regarding notifications for those shipments buried in the U.S. Arms Export Control Act.

That Act controls most transfers of military equipment and supplies from the United States to anywhere in the world. It stipulates issues regarding who must be notified within the government prior to those shipments leaving the country, who must sign off on them, and what specific items must have formal Congressional approval before they go.

It is also one of the most important sets of regulatory control procedures for the government, especially considering that the United States is the top arms seller in the world. According to data from the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, for the Trump era running from 2017 to 2021, it accounted for 38.6% of all global military sales. That was already up from the 32.2% share during Obama’s second term. Based on the amount of death and destruction team Biden has been authorizing on an even larger global basis and via expanded arms sales to partners such as Taiwan, the United Kingdom, and Australia, since it took over in 2021, it would be little surprise if that percentage market share could have breached the 40% number during Biden’s first term.

As with any similar set of rules, the Act allows for exceptions to the Congressional oversight rules in the event of a national emergency. Those clauses have been regularly abused by multiple administrations, with questionable justifications of how a sale of arms to a foreign power constitutes a national emergency for the United States. And, though most may not be aware of this, amidst the current Congressional disputes which have prevented approval of the $14 billion of foreign military aid the White House wants to send to Israel, the Biden gang used that national emergency regulation to authorize three previously undisclosed arms sales to war criminal Netanyahu since October 7. That was for $106 million worth for tank ammunition, $147.5 million for fuses and other materials to manufacture 155 mm rocket shells, and $320 million in precision bomb kits. The first $106 million was authorized at the beginning of the current phase of the war; the remaining $467.5 million in weapons supplies went out in December.

That over half a billion dollars total worth of so-called “national emergency” supplies was used by Israel primarily for the continuing destruction of Gaza and the slaughter of now over 30,000 people there.

In addition to the national emergency exception, the Arms Control Act allows for Foreign Military Sales, also known in the Department of Defense by its FMS acronym, to proceed ahead with two categories of weapons transfers without any public disclosure or even private Congressional notification. One is for line items totaling less than $25 million per transaction for “major defense equipment”. A second is for other line items with a total value of $100 million per transaction for what the military refers to as “defense articles”. The names are deliberately vague and misleading, even by admission of the Department of Defense, with the “defense” exemption covering, for example, bombs for offensive attacks such as the past carpet-bombing of Gaza City and the upcoming full destruction of Rafah in southern Gaza.

Those exemptions are the ones currently drawing major criticism from Congress and beyond after the recent classified briefing on how they were used to get around formal notifications and approval processes regarding arming Israel. In that session, it was revealed that team Biden had authorized over 100 separate transactions to Israel since October 7. Even then, with the Arms Export Control Act not requiring the White House to provide any details of what those transactions included, the members of Congress who heard the testimony received no information on what was included. If as expected many of those line items were just short of the $100 million limit, that could mean the government authorized up to $10 billion (100 x $100 million) of arms sales without anyone in Congress involved and without any public disclosure to the American taxpayers who are footing the bill for the arms.

This is an ages old game to avoid public reaction to the highly profitable but globally destabilizing role of the United States as the world’s leading war profiteer. While the Trump gang was in charge for example, the Inspector General of the State Department released data showing that in the first three years of Trump’s term, from 2017 though 2019, the White House authorized and delivered 4,221 separate transfers of military equipment and munitions which were below the $100 million and $25 million threshold limits for the two category exceptions, just to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates alone. The Inspector General said the value of those transactions was approximately $10.2 billion, none of which either Congress or the public at large was made aware of.

That $10.2 billion of deliberately hidden transactions for the U.A.E. and Saudi Arabia were inexcusable, but the current possibly up to $10 billion of arms approved solely by the Biden White House for the destruction of Gaza are considered far more alarming. Unlike the Trump transactions to the two Arab countries, which seem more about hiding favoritism, the Israeli ones are about funding genocide using the lie that these were justified as a U.S.-based national emergency, as the Biden gang has argued, is far worse than Trumps arms dealing. Further, using the “less than $100 million” and “less than $25 million” categories as a means of sliding the massive total killing power shipped to Israel, by breaking down the arms components into smaller procurement transactions which did not have to be reported, is deliberate evidence the Zionist occupied White House attempted to hide the truth about its actions in support of fascist Israel – and is probably continuing hiding even more actions now.

The hiding of so much money being spent and weapons being shipped also suggests Israel could have easily been forced to back down from continuing its killings of innocent Palestinians, at least at the scale it has already become. It makes the White House's staged concern for civilian deaths a grotesque obscenity. 

Current Refugees International President Jeremy Konyndyk, who also has a unique insider perspective because he used to serve the Biden White House in a senior official capacity, said about all this that, “[The 100 separate shipments to Israel represents] an extraordinary number of sales over the course of a pretty short amount of time, which really strongly suggests that the Israeli campaign would not be sustainable without this level of U.S. support.”

After the news of so many undisclosed arms transfers became public, State Department spokesperson Matt Miller attempted in a press conference to put a positive spin on what happened, but he may have made the public perception even worse.

He first justified the arms sale cover-up by falsely claiming that the White House explicitly “followed the procedures Congress itself has specified to keep members well-informed and regularly briefs members even when formal notification is not a legal requirement,” rather than by addressing the seriousness of sliding so much destructive force “under the radar” of Congress and the public.

Miller compounded the lie by telling the reporters that “claims that we have split cases so that they fall below established statutory thresholds or failed to appropriately engage partners in Congress are unequivocally false.”

Then he told reporters, proudly it seems, that Biden’s team has “engaged Congress” regarding weapons transfers to Israel “more than 200 times” since Hamas launched the October 7 invasion in northern Gaza. Considering that the public has no knowledge of those over 200 moments of contact regarding arming the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) killing machine, the next logical question would be for Miller to explain what exactly was disclosed in each of those conversations.

Beyond all this, there is also the matter than the United States government is not allowed by law to ship weapons to countries which they know will be used to violate human rights or commit war crimes such as genocide. Proposed by Senator Patrick Leahy in 1997 and passed that year by Congress as part of the Foreign Operations Appropriations Act, this amendment to that Act (now known as the Leahy Law or Leahy regulations) provides that, as detailed in the first clause of this part of that Act, “No assistance shall be furnished under this Act or the Arms Export Control Act to any unit of the security forces of a foreign country if the Secretary of State has credible information that such unit has committed a gross violation of human rights.”

There is no question that Secretary of State does have “credible information” of this kind regarding Israel and is knowingly providing the arms and weapons to Israel despite that. And unlike in the case of the Arms Control Act, this amendment has no exceptions to it based on how much the arms cost that were transferred to carry out these human rights violations.

Even with Congress now having learned about the 100 military transfers to Israel since October 7 that they never knew about before, few expect any serious challenges to the corrupt Biden regime's illegal practice of hiding the truth or continuing to support Israel in its mass bombing and killings campaigns, in Gaza and on the West Bank. Those in power who could do so are just too much under Israel’s global thumb, many with hundreds of thousands of dollars of campaign contributions alone provided to them by Israeli-aligned entities and individuals in the U.S., to dare speak against the Israeli mass murders in Gaza. Those not bribed by Israel are blackmailed or threatened.

The Washington cesspool again demonstrates that it is not just the enemy of the American people but the enemy of humanity.