India Climate and Development Partners to Meet Feb 19-21

ON 02/06/2024 AT 04 : 14 PM

Despite India's federal government insane doubling down on coal, many state and local authorities and NGOs are trying to bring some hope to Indians. They will be meeting next week.

The World Bank sponsored India Climate and Development Partners’ Meet is an annual gathering of aspiring thought leaders and change makers in the climate sector focused on driving subnational climate action. It aims to foster cross-learning amongst stakeholders and help scale up successful examples. The Partners Meet brings together India’s state governments to reflect upon challenges and new opportunities for greater climate adaptation and resilience, in collaboration with India’s private sector, civil society, and financial institutions. The conference is also attended by representatives from financial institutions, businesses, think tanks, climate start-ups, women, youth and community groups who are pushing for climate action across different domains.

This year, the India Climate and Development Partners’ Meet shall focus on climate financing leadership and innovation, alongside themes like technology in climate action, sustainable cooling, and coastal resilience.

As Goa advances to implement its State Action Plan on Climate Change (SAPCC 2023-2033), adopting a multi-sectoral and blended finance approach will be key to crowding in private capital for large-scale climate smart investments. However, to date many programs have not been very smart.