Why it is OK to be Anti-Judaism

ON 11/18/2023 AT 03 : 32 PM

Judaism is a religion of hatred and abuse of non-Jews. Recognizing this simple fact is logical, rational and morally correct.

To understand that Judaism is a religion of hatred for non-jews, one only has to read their Talmud and observe the continued atrocities of Israel's Jewish government. 

According to Jewish scholars, the Talmud is the foundation of Jewish religious belief and culture. It is also the source of rabbinical law, which governs the actions of Jews and prescribes punishment.  Some Jews tend to ignore the Talmud and instead embrace the more moderate Torah. Some adhere to Reform Judaism, but the Union for Reform Judaism is also very loyal to Israel and supports its atrocities.

There are many Jews who are decent people and reject the hatred espoused by the Talmud and who reject Zionism.

The Talmud makes it very clear that only Jews are its God's chosen people and that all others are inferior. It calls non-Jews heathens and animals and requires that they be mistreated. Under the Talmud, a Jew who treats non-Jews too well can be punished. 

One of the most revered scholars of the Talmud was Moses ben Maimon (1138–1204), also commonly known as Maimonides and Rambam. Widely celebrated as one of the foremost rabbinic decisors and philosophers in Jewish history, his fourteen-volume Mishneh Torah forms an integral part of modern Jewish culture.

According to Maimonides:

"It is a duty [of Jews] to exterminate them [non-Jews] with one’s own hands."

"Some of the Turks and the nomads in the North, and the Blacks and the nomads in the South, and those who resemble them in our climates. And their nature is like the nature of mute animals, and according to my opinion they are not on the level of human beings, and their level among existing things is below that of a man and above that of a monkey, because they have the image and the resemblance of a man more than a monkey does."

This hatred of non-Jews, including children, is embedded in the Yiddish language. According to the Megiddo Modern Hebrew-English Dictionary published in Israel, the word shegetz means: unclean animal, loathsome creature, abomination, wretch, unruly youngster, Gentile youngster. This means that many Yiddish speakers consider non-Jewish children as unclean animals. 

This hatred is expressed clearly throughout the Talmud:

"The offspring of a male gentile is considered no more related to him than the offspring of donkeys and horses." (Yevamot 98a:3)

"It is prohibited to raise a gentile from a pit even in exchange for payment." (Avodah Zarah 26a:16)

"It is permitted for a Jew to rob a gentile." (Sanhedrin 57a:17)

"With regard to bloodshed, if a gentile murders another gentile, or a gentile murders a Jew, he is liable. If a Jew murders a gentile, he is exempt." (Sanhedrin 57a:16)

"Kill the best of the heathens in time of war." (Soferim 15:10)

The lack of human compassion among many Jews is not reserved solely for non-Jews, it extends to fellow Jews as well, including Jewish children. In many orthodox Jewish communities it is quite common for Jews to sexually abuse their children. And it is not uncommon for rabbis to engage in rampant abuse of children and adults. Jews are also notorious for cheating other Jews in various financial scams, such as Bernie Madoffs pyramid scheme and the crytocurrency fraud of Sam Bankman-Fried. Then there are the various Jewish mafias that have long plagued humanity. During the American and Canadian prohibition era the most notorious gangsters were Jews who shot it out with each other with Tommy guns.   

Israel's Mossad is behind prostitution rings such as the one run by Jew Jeffrey Epstein that blackmailed American politicians and business leaders with underage prostitutes.

Jews also started the American porn industry and continue to dominate the production of child porn and engage in child trafficking and organ trafficking. 

While Jews certainly don't have a monopoly on criminal behaviour, their religion encourages it and it is their religion that makes them believe that it is OK to abuse and murder children, as long as they aren't Jewish. Therefore, Judaism is not OK and must be recognized as a common enemy of humanity.

It not OK to hate Jews but it is OK to despise their religion that compels them to engage in criminal behavior, just as it is correct to be against any political, religious or cultural beliefs that result in hatred for others.

It is way past time for those who profess to be Christians to be Christians and divorce themselves from Judaism and the Old Testament, just as Jesus did so long ago. 

Anti-Semitism - NOT

Anyone who criticizes Israel, Jews or Judaism is likely to be accused of anti-semiticism and can face prison for merely speaking a simple truth. 

A Semite is a person from Southwest Asia, not a Jew. Being an anti-Semite means that one is against all people from Southwest Asia. While Jews have tried to redefine the word Semite to mean Jew, it is not correct. The reality is that most Semites are not Jews and a very large portion of Jews are not even Semites. Ashkenazi Jews originate from Russia while Sephardic Jews originate from North Africa. Prior to the formation of Israel from stolen Palestinian lands, Jews had not lived in Southwest Asia in any significant numbers since they were driven out some 2,000 years ago.

The whole concept of anti-Semiticsm is a psy-op intended to elevate Judaism as the only culture in that part of the world and to demonize opposition to their hatred of non-Jews. Jews have invested vast resources into programming humanity to excuse Jewish crimes under the threat of being accused of being anti-Semitic. With the degree of Jewish atrocities being carried out in Gaza, the label of anti-Semite is no longer working and using it is now backfiring. Being pro-Semite and anti-Judaism is now quite righteous.