Israel’s Endgame Grows Clearer After It Orders Palestinians to Evacuate Southern Gaza

ON 11/17/2023 AT 02 : 36 AM

After launching its ground assault across northern Gaza not long ago with a warning to evacuate to the south for safety, Israel is now ordering Palestinians who fled to leave those shelters.
Pamphlets dropoped by Israel Defense Forces on Khan Younis in Gaza on November 16, 2023.
On November 16, Israel Defense Forces aircraft dropped pamphlets over eastern Khan Younis, the largest city in southern Gaza. They ordered Palestinians there to evacuate or be killed by the IDF as they entered the next phase of the genocide. (Screen capture from video provided by the IDF.). Ora Levitt, IDF Reserves, @IDFsoldiergirl on social media platform X.


Israel is already preparing for what happens after all the Palestinians are gone from Gaza.

Most within the country and among their sympathizers will not frame it that way, but it is happening, behind closed doors.

Confirmation of that came in multiple forms in carefully crafted statements from within the fascist Israeli government.

Last week, for example, as Israeli war criminal Benjamin Netanyahu continued to assert that it was because Hamas was using innocent Palestinians as human shield that it fully justified the killing of now more than 12,000 civilians, an estimated 40% of which were children, he appeared visibly pleased and eager to move on to “what’s next”. The psychopath then declared to the world his plan to have Israel to manage security for what is left from Gaza for an “indefinite period” after the war is over.

This was a direct contradiction to the past position of Netanyahu and his Defense Minister Yoav Gallant, that all they were trying to do was to eliminate Hamas. If that was truly the end they were aiming for, most of the 2.3 million Palestinians which were living in the Gaza strip -- before the shutdown on water, food, medicine, fuel, and other humanitarian supplies began and the siege to flatten all of Gaza began – would have been present and able to govern a territory which was supposed to be their own.

That was when Netanyahu directed his Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) to issue the order for all Palestinians in the north of the country to evacuate to the south. Netanyahu and his co-conspirators promised those fleeing that they would be safe but shortly started bombing evacuation convoys.

Israel was hoping that roughly half the people who live in Gaza would take the bait and run, despite that there was no room for so many to move to the southern part of the already crowded Gaza Strip.

Independent estimates now say the one-two punch of vicious killings by the IDF and reckless destruction of all infrastructure and support systems in the north may have succeeded in pushing at least one third of the population of Gaza to head south. Overall roughly 70% of Gaza’s population has been forced out of their existing homes, according to reports from multiple humanitarian organizations and the Palestinian relief agencies there.

Then yesterday, as the IDF continued to consolidate its positions in the north with death squads going from building to building, as others of its forces began to drift much further south in the territory, Israel President Isaac Herzog opened up about what the world should expect next.

Speaking to reporters, Herzog mulled over publicly what Israel might need to do after clearing out most of the people, buildings, roads, and more throughout all of Gaza, as if that was already confirmed as the plan.

“If we pull back, then who will take over?” he said. “We can’t leave a vacuum.”

“We have to think about what will be the mechanism; there are many ideas that are thrown in the air,” he continued, confirming that perhaps Israel insane leaders actually had no set plan when they started the genocide. 

He went on to say that his government is already assuming that the United States and “our neighbors in the region” would have some role in the post-conflict order. It was a statement which said so many things without needing many words, suggesting perhaps that the U.S. might gain a military foothold there, for example, with the Israeli government literally “calling the shots” on what will remain of the mass graveyard Gaza is quickly becoming.

The one group which now officially will have no voice and no power in what is ahead are the Palestinians who were pushed into Gaza decades ago, in full denial of their human and territorial rights.

Dementia-ridden war criminal Joe Biden continues to support and apparently believe most of what Netanyahu and his handlers feed him about how there are Hamas hiding everywhere, and how just like in the old children’s game “Whack-A-Mole” they could just pop up about anywhere at any time. Yet even as he is publicly balking at Israel continue to occupy Gaza indefinitely, calling it “a big mistake” as recently as yesterday, Biden is effectively confirming what Netanyahu and Herzog have been saying, that the Palestinians will be “out” of Gaza when all is finished.

Further evidence of Israel’s long-term plan for Gaza fell from the skies early yesterday above the eastern part of Khan Younis, southern Gaza’s biggest city and the home of refugees who fled from the north. This time it was not more of the bombs, rocket shells, white phosphorous munitions, or aerial gunfire which have shattered the region recently. It was a barrage of leaflets.

Those leaflets warned the over 100,000 residents living in Abassan, Al Qarara, Bani Suhaila, and Khuzaa that another wave of attacks was on its way from Israel. It further ordered the Palestinians there to evacuate immediately. Tens of thousands of those leaflets were dumped from IDF military aircraft under the cover of darkness.

“For your safety, you need to evacuate your places of residence immediately and head to known shelters,” the text in the leaflets explained. “Anyone near terrorists or their facilities puts their life at risk, and every house used by terrorists will be targeted.”

On November 16, Defense Minister Yoav Gallant backed up those threats. Noting that his Israeli Defense Forces have already successfully cleansed western Gaza City of all Hamas operatives and “assets”, he told the press that the IDF was proceeding to its “next phase” of the war.

“The operation continues, and it is carried out in a precise, selective, but very, very determined manner,” he said, adding that, “The next phase has begun.” Based on the body count so far, that means that the Jews will continue to hunt down and kill primarily women and children, as they have done from the start. 

His comments came during a visit he made to the IDF’s 36th Division Command Center, at an undisclosed location near the war front.

Even as people began to read the leaflets the IDF had dropped on Khan Younis, the next question – where would the Palestinians flee now, since they were already in the south where the Israel government had said they would be safe – remained unanswerable.

UN Human Rights head Volker Turk laid out the bitter reality Gazans were facing now in a short statement of his own to the press yesterday. “We have been absolutely clear that at the current moment, we do not consider any part of Gaza to be safe.” Yet, he did not take steps to end the slaughter. 

With the next phase of Palestinian killing ready to launch, and backed with increased American weaponry, rocket shells, missiles, and ammunition and with nowhere to go for those just warned to leave their homes, civilians in Gaza are now preparing for the inevitable.

Egypt refuses to admit them safe passage, in violation of international law. It is holding out for a massive cash incentive to take in more than 2 million refugees it currently lacks the resources to care for or the room to absorb. The Israeli plan that was leaked estimated that it would take more than $30 billion to get Egypt to take the refugees. 

Israel's insane leaders think that they can defeat the resistance to Jewish hate and brutality but they are only amplifying and strengthening it. Now that Jews have once again shown their true nature and justified the push-down against their culture of hatred for non-Jews and their lack of basic humanity, the determination to address the root cause of the conflict is growing. 

It is not anti-Semitic to recognize the wrongness of Judaism's hatred for non-Jews and its promotion of the sexual abuse of children. A Semite is someone from Southwest Asia and Jews from that region are genetically identical to other Southwest Asians, including Palestinians. 

It is not wrong to be against Judaism, Islam, Satanism, fascism or communism. All are belief systems with elements that are anti-human, morally wrong and lead to suffering. They create conflict by promoting hatred or abuse of others or they deny fundamental human rights. They are simply wrong and should be exposed as such. 

The cultural belief in western societies that bad cultures must be tolerated as religious freedom or diversity and inclusion ultimately leads to conflict and violence. We need to change our beliefs and become less tolerant of evil in any form. 

Judaism should no longer be tolerated and must be exposed for what it is, an inhuman religion of hate that manufactures conflict.

Christianity teaches "love thy neighbor". Judaism teaches "hate and abuse thy neighbor" if they are not a Jew. Judaism was wrong 2,000 years ago and it is wrong now.