Palestine Update 11 November 2023

ON 11/11/2023 AT 02 : 12 PM

Hezbollah has purged Jews that were illegally occupying Palestine south of Lebanon. Impotent Arab League and Islamic Co-operation Summit calls for Arms embargo against Israel. Peace demonstrations rage around the globe.


Jewish Squatters Evicted From North Palestine

When one illegally occupies land belonging to someone else, it is often called squatting or trespassing. When Jews illegally occupy land belonging to Palestinians, Israel calls them settlers, just as the U.S. government called those who stole land from the indigenous population settlers. The word settler is misleading because it implies someone who has settled wild uninhabited land.

Across much of Palestine, Zionist Jews have forced native residents from their land and occupied it. The people whose land was stolen were forced into the massive concentration camps in the Gaza Strip or the West Bank where they lived as refugees and heavily dependent upon foreign aid.

After Hamas struck back against Zionist oppression and atrocities on October 7th, killed more than 1,000 Israelis and kidnapped more than 200 more, Israel expanded the war by attacking south Lebanon and Syria. Hezbollah then engaged in a measured response and has purged the Jews who were illegally occupying the region that Jews refer to as Upper Galilee. According to Israeli media, "the region is empty, like a ghost zone."

Hezbollah has suffered minimal losses and has made a long-term commitment to fighting against fascist Israel but has also stated that the war is being led by Hamas and it is their fight. 

Today, Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah stated, “The most important thing at the moment is the change in world opinion regarding Israel, which is killing thousands of children and women. This transformation is in the interest of the Resistance, its project and the population of Gaza, especially through demonstrations in Washington, London, New York... Time is putting pressure on the enemy.”

While Hezbollah can't defeat Israel, it can distract it. Its small attack drones are now reaching as far as Haifa.